Silicone Scar Pad Transparent 4” X 4” (3 PCS)

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Price is for 3 Silicone Gel Sheets ($ 3.99 / Per dressing). Areza Silicone Gel Sheet for Scar is a reusable, thin, soft, transparent, semi-occlusive, self-adhesive silicone gel sheet made entirely from medical grade silicone. Silicone Gel Sheets for Scar may help prevent formation of scars on freshly healed wounds and/or significantly reduce the appearance of existing scars including keloid and hypertrophic ones and promote permanent scar reduction. Not intended to be used on open, unhealed wounds. This product is not sterile.

Hydrogel Dressing 4x4 (12 ct.)

Advanced Medical-Grade Silicone 2 X 24 Strips

Restorative Touches – Mend gracefully and comfortably with Silikan. Your pack of 4 medical-grade areola circles help speed breast surgery recovery

Silicone Areola Clear Gel Scar Sheets-4 Medical Breast Scars Silicon Circles See-into Scar Restore Smooth Mastectomy Breast Lift Reconstruction

Hydrogel Dressing 4x4 (12 ct.)

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Special Seas May Realistic Silicone Mask, silicone may

Silikan Silicone Clear Gel Scar Sheets-4 Medical Breast Silicon Circles

SILICONE SHEET CLEAR Against scars 4x13cm, Silicone Sheet

Special Seas May Realistic Silicone Mask, silicone may

Special Seas May Realistic Silicone Mask, silicone may

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