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The Single Elastic AR is a flexible magazine pouch that allows for a quick, effective way to carry an additional 5.56 AR-15 Magazine. Taking after our TEAR Front Flap, the SEARs elastic construction lends itself well to fitting more than just an AR mag. Flashbangs, small radios, a TQ, or whatever else you can stuff in there. The thermoplastic backer gives rigidity and the included shock cord allows for adjustable retention. Features Elastic construction gives you the flexibility to store 5.56 AR-15 magazines, flashbangs, small radios, or whatever else you want to stuff in it. Compatible with 5.56 AR-15 magazines Includes shock cord and an S&S pull tab for additional retention Utilizes two rows of MOLLE Elastic, Nylon, and Thermoplastic construction Made in the USA Check out our entire line of mag pouches here. Available in Wolf Grey for Unit/Department purchase.

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