3. Yodha breaks the mold with a trailer launch that defies gravity. Prepare for takeoff into a new era of filmmaking! 🎬 #YodhaTrailer

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Gravity - VFX Breakdown by Framestore (2013)

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Defying Gravity (2021), Just Released! Here is an excerpt from a recent film that I was a composer and performer for! Entitled “Defying Gravity”, internationally renowned, By Dominic Cheli, Pianist

Fandomania » TV Review: Defying Gravity 1.03 – Threshold

Deconstructing Gravity

23 March 2024

Gravity in 3D: breaking the plane with artistry and without snobbery is a great artistic feat.

Gravity - VFX Breakdown by Framestore (2013)

Boomslang 3: Your Future (Short 2023) - IMDb

23 March 2024

Seminar: Something Wild Coolidge Corner Theater

March 23, 2024

March 20, 2024